Yoga Is a Great Natural Snoring Solution

Yoga Is a Great Natural Snoring Solution
August 7, 2018 kbenning

When that distinct reverb resonates within the walls of your sleeping abode, you just might have a problem with snoring.  A person suffering from loud snoring will always seek for a possible natural snoring solution to address this issue.

Some causes attributed to this condition may come from a lack of oxygen. Getting older and being obese also contribute to that buzz saw effect. If not addressed in a timely manner, this may lead to sleep apnea where breathing stops for about 10 seconds. Oxygen levels can continue to drop because the blood vessels are not getting enough of it. Aside from sleep apnea, other related troubles can include sleep deprivation, irritability, cardiac problems and breathing obstructions. For children, snoring may happen due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Their development in behavior may also be challenged due to their snoring.



Breathe better with Yoga

This ancient Indian practice is a mix of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines. Its’ popularity has definitely reached far and wide from its’ home country because it promotes that sense of well-being, induces healing properties within ourselves, and relaxes the mind and spirit through meditation. Can this ancient practice somehow alleviate the symptoms of snoring? Is it a good natural snoring solution?

For most observers, yoga may seem just another meditative exercise and that would be all. But, other groups practice Yoga because there is a channel of energy and healing potential that they can tap into. It can either be one or the other, but taking the middle ground may be where we may find our assistance when it comes to snoring. If it can help, why not give it a go? It’s been around for a very, very long time so there must be something to it.

There are two things about Yoga that can attune the body to be more in sync with itself. That double dose might just do the trick. The poses are quite physically challenging. So, the bonus is that you have the opportunity to lose weight. Getting rid of that excess fat does indeed help the cause. You’ll feel leaner and hopefully sleep better as a result. And secondly, by going through the different poses, you are meant to focus more on your breathing. By fully utilizing your breath passageways, that also trains you to breathe more efficiently and thus reduce some snoring noise.

Suggested Yoga poses

It is always advisable to consult with a licensed Yoga instructor to seek his or her expert opinion on what poses would limit the effects of snoring. These improvements will only happen if the practice is consistent. If it helps you right away, then all well and good. But almost often, it’ll take some time to have a more permanent outcome.
Let’s have look into some general poses as a way to get started.
Like any formal workout session, you must prepare yourself for this particular activity. It would be very useful to have a comfortable mat to sit on the floor. Also, for a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, try to locate a place that is distraction free. Thirty minutes a day dedicated to this practice would be the ideal amount of time.

Pranayama is used to describe the breathing techniques used in Yoga. For the first pranayama, this can be explained as the brahmari or the humming bee. With your back straight, sit comfortably on your mat. The common Indian style, cross-legged position does this naturally because your back is straightened and your airways are opened.
For a few seconds, breathe from your belly so that your heart rate regulates to a nice steady beat. When you exhale, begin to make a humming noise and try to breathe out for longer than just a few seconds. Breathe normally once more then repeat the humming sounds. Please practice this for a few minutes each day.

Ujjayi Pranayama
, otherwise known as the Hissing Breath, extends your lung capacity and forces out any blockages in your throat. For snorers, this is the appropriate exercise. It begins in the Padma Asana or Lotus Pose than take in some deep breaths through your nostrils. Keep your eyes closed and allow your body to enter into that deep state of calm. Then, inhale forcibly through both of your nostrils while contracting your neck muscles which will bring about a low, throbbing sound.
Take in another breath and hold it for as long as you are able. Close one your nostrils and slowly exhale through the other nostril. Repeat this for the other side. Try to practice this between three to five times a day so you can feel your passageways getting clearer and clearer.

Bhujangasan: through this Cobra Pose, the chest area is stretched out and forced to expand. The heart and lungs undergo better conditioning which results in better circulation throughout the body.

Dhanurasana, or the Bow Pose, will regulate your breathing and open up your chest muscles more. Notice how your breathing in and breathing out have a deeper and more conscientious rhythm.

Kapalbhati Pranayama, which is also practiced as the Skull Shining Breathing Technique, is meant to clear the cranial sinuses. If these passages are freed from obstruction, then a better sleep should be the happy result.

Most sessions end with a basic yoga mantra. Sit in your normal comfortable position on the floor. Slowly close your eyes and become more aware of your breathing. Chant the word OM over and over again for at least a few minutes. Stretch out the  part as long as you can. Then close out with the MMMM sound, but with a lighter tone. This chant brings you to a level of relaxation and meditation that just might relieve you of your snoring issues.


How to strike that winning pose

Even if you are not a regular Yoga practitioner or have never tried it at all, there’s no harm in throwing yourself into it. Though you might not feel that it may alleviate your present sleep disorder, this practice may not be such a bad thing to try out.
It’s quite normal to be a bit fearful when doing something new. The poses at first may seem challenging and you may feel a little awkward going through the motions. Don’t let that hamper you from getting into it because it just might be that lifesaver that you’ve been waiting and looking for.

Age isn’t a concern with this practice. No matter how young or old you are, how much time you can allot for this, or even what your body type may be at the moment, Yoga is quite flexible (with pun intended). Doing a little bit of the exercises each day may lead you toward those long-term benefits.

Don’t let this limit you into finding other snoring solution like a snore spray or other sleeping aids. But, if it does help, keep on doing it, so that you can have more restful evenings to enjoy. Your sleeping companions will be the most thankful of all.